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January 30, 2008

February Stage Sneek Peek

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Here is the sneek peek for the upcoming stage sometime in February

*Picture by Billybob

There is a new poll, it says “What’s you favorite part of Rockhopper’s visit this time?” I said Just Glad he’s okay




January 29, 2008

The Migrator is Broken!

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This is The Migrator right now. If you look out the telescope, you can see that poor Rockhopper’s ship is all broken up


Here is the new poll from CP, “What was your favorite room at the Fiesta-val?” I said All of it.


Also, here is the new Waddle On comic called X-Treme Jet Pack Surf Cartz



January 27, 2008

New Igloo Music

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In your Igloos, you might see that there is new Igloo Music. The new music themes are Superhero, Fall Fair, and Winter PartyNOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A STEREO OR A JUKEBOX IN ORDER TO PLAY MUSIC

*Picture by Billybob


January 24, 2008

Rockhopper is here!

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First, here is the Video Guide for Mission 6 – Questions for a Crab. I will post the written directions soon

Rockhopper is finally here! He has life jackets in his escape rowboat at the beach.

*Picture by Billybob

Also, if you look through the telescope, you can see the Migrator all torn up.


This is the Puzzle Shuffle from the newspaper


Here is the new fan comic


And here are the upcoming events


Also, Watex has done a nice job on creating a page on how to find Rockhopper. Click here to go to his page. Watex has also stated that when you log in to Club Penguin, type in Rockhopper for the Username, and enter  random password (over 4 digits long), and if it says Password Incorrect, that means he’s on, but if it says that he is banned, then don’t waste your time looking for him.


January 21, 2008

Mission 6 is Here!

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Mission 6 is finally here! Here is a preview of the Crab falling down the avalanche

*Picture by Billybob

Here is the preview picture with the paper clip from the “Top Secret” Missions folder


There is a new message on the HQ board, it says, “Agents Report For New Mission”


I have not done the Mission 6 – Questions for a Crab, yet. When I complete the mission, I will then upload the video guide and update the written directions in my “Secret Agent Missions” page. I am sorry how the written directions are unfinished, and I will update them as soon as possible.


January 19, 2008

Fiesta Party

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The Fiesta Party is finally here! The maracas are in the Dance Club


In the forest, swing your mouse over the pináta 2 times to get the sombrero pin

pinata.jpg sombrero-pin.jpg

The new poll said “What has been your favorite play at the Stage so far?” I said Squizoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, which is currently at 73%.

poll-1-17-08.jpg  results-1-17-08.jpg

And for the Clothing Catalog secrets, go to


January 17, 2008


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As I said yesterday, Rockhopper has crashed and is now rowing back to shore. Although, IMPORTANT!, this has nothing to do with the new mission, I REPEAT, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NEW MISSION.

What Happened to Rockhopper!!

Here are the upcoming events


Tomorrow is the Fiesta Party! It lasts all wekend


Also, here is the new fan comic


In HQ, there is a new message on the message board, saying you need to complete Mission 5 first, before you can play the new mission


In the Aunt Arctic section in the newspaper, at the top right corner there is a message written in tic tac toe code, which says “Attention Agents”


When you click on it, you will get this message:


This is the message decoded (PSA stands for Penguin Secret Agency)


Also, here is the Tic Tac Toe code you will need to use for some missions

*You may copy and paste this

And here is the instruction manual for the Tic-Tac-Toe Code, and in case you were wonder what the message says, the message decoded says, “MULLET LIKES EATING FISH MORE THAN WORMS” This comes from Ice Fishing, because when the Mullet swims up to your line on your fishing pole, it will not eat the worm, so you must leave a fish on you hook when the mullet starts to appear in the water


To catch the mullet, you must already have a fish on your line before it comes


Be cautious around the 60th fish, you will see the mullet start to appear vaguely in the water, so do not put you fish into your fish bucket yet


January 16, 2008

The Stage

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Hey guys, sorry it took a long time to post these things, so instead of posting last week and this week, I will just post this weeks post.

This Friday, there will be a Fiesta Party and Churro Ice Cream. There will also be a free item at the party, probably maracas.

fiesta-sneek-peek.jpg fiesta-party.jpg

CP has released the new furniture catalog with cleaning stuff and organization stuff. There have been some glitches, but they have been fixed.


Also, FINALLY, a new mission. Here is a Mission 6 sneek peek (click to enlarge)


The new fan comic


Here is the completed Puzzle shuffle


Also, if you look in the telescope, there is a little incident where an Iceberg comes and crashes into Rockhopper’s ship, who then sails away in his rowboat. Here are basically 3 screenshots of what happened.



If you want to watch to watch this, go to Club Penguin and look through the telescope


There is also a new poll that says “If Club Penguin released a game for the Nintendo DS, would you want to play it?” I said yes, and Watex commented about how it was strangely an idea that he sent to CP about a game from Club Penguin.


There is a new Waddle On comic called Avil Counters

Waddle On

Also, at HQ, there is a message on the message board for the upcoming Mission 6, it says “Crab Translator Ready Soon”


The Switchbox 3000 is really cool. The 1st button changes the background from day to night. (click to enlarge)


The 2nd button shoots a car across the road, which hits the monster and blows up.


After the car blows up, if you click the same button on the switchbox again, someone pulls something across the stage?


The 3rd button fires gunshots or something of that kind at the Squidzoid


The 4th button has gunshots spreading across the middle of the stage


The 5th button shoots gunshots on the right side of the stage


The 6th button has “Shadow Guy” (SG) shooting a blue laser at the “Squizoid”


The 7th button has “Gamma Gal” (GG) shooting a pink laser at the “Squizoid”


The 8th lever first shows the “Super Puffle” signal, and the yellow puffle comes out with a mask and a cape on


January 9, 2008

Heart Emote Coming Back

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Billybob said that the Heart emote is coming back. He said that they took away the heart and the skull because too many people misused it. But even more people said they liked the heart because people can use it for good,(like coins for change). It will be back this Friday, and the keyboard shortcut is E+H.


January 8, 2008

New wigs & New Catalog Secrets

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Sorry about the wait, I wasn’t at home for a couple of days, so I didn’t have a chanve to update my site. First, Here is the new stage sneek peek. It might be about superheroes because of the newspaper article, what do you think?


Here are the upcoming events 


This is Club Penguin’s 50th pin ever realeased, the shovel pin located in the Boiler Room


There are 2 new wigs in the Wig Catalog, the Flutterby and Sunstriker


Clothing Catalog Secrets

There are two new bacgrounds, (the sky is is a repeat according to Watex):)


The Red Viking Helmet is in the cactus (on Page 2)


Open and close the red helmet for a blue viking helmet


The coffee apron is in the backpack (On Page 8)


Here is the new fan comic


The poll said, “How many puffles do you own?” I said two, becasue I’m not a member


Also, when I looked at the telescope again, there was no iceberg? Maybe this was to represent global warming, according to Watex? 😦


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