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January 16, 2008

The Stage

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Hey guys, sorry it took a long time to post these things, so instead of posting last week and this week, I will just post this weeks post.

This Friday, there will be a Fiesta Party and Churro Ice Cream. There will also be a free item at the party, probably maracas.

fiesta-sneek-peek.jpg fiesta-party.jpg

CP has released the new furniture catalog with cleaning stuff and organization stuff. There have been some glitches, but they have been fixed.


Also, FINALLY, a new mission. Here is a Mission 6 sneek peek (click to enlarge)


The new fan comic


Here is the completed Puzzle shuffle


Also, if you look in the telescope, there is a little incident where an Iceberg comes and crashes into Rockhopper’s ship, who then sails away in his rowboat. Here are basically 3 screenshots of what happened.



If you want to watch to watch this, go to Club Penguin and look through the telescope


There is also a new poll that says “If Club Penguin released a game for the Nintendo DS, would you want to play it?” I said yes, and Watex commented about how it was strangely an idea that he sent to CP about a game from Club Penguin.


There is a new Waddle On comic called Avil Counters

Waddle On

Also, at HQ, there is a message on the message board for the upcoming Mission 6, it says “Crab Translator Ready Soon”


The Switchbox 3000 is really cool. The 1st button changes the background from day to night. (click to enlarge)


The 2nd button shoots a car across the road, which hits the monster and blows up.


After the car blows up, if you click the same button on the switchbox again, someone pulls something across the stage?


The 3rd button fires gunshots or something of that kind at the Squidzoid


The 4th button has gunshots spreading across the middle of the stage


The 5th button shoots gunshots on the right side of the stage


The 6th button has “Shadow Guy” (SG) shooting a blue laser at the “Squizoid”


The 7th button has “Gamma Gal” (GG) shooting a pink laser at the “Squizoid”


The 8th lever first shows the “Super Puffle” signal, and the yellow puffle comes out with a mask and a cape on




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    Comment by shoot u down — December 28, 2009 @ 1:27 pm

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