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January 30, 2008

February Stage Sneek Peek

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Here is the sneek peek for the upcoming stage sometime in February

*Picture by Billybob

There is a new poll, it says “What’s you favorite part of Rockhopper’s visit this time?” I said Just Glad he’s okay




January 29, 2008

The Migrator is Broken!

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This is The Migrator right now. If you look out the telescope, you can see that poor Rockhopper’s ship is all broken up


Here is the new poll from CP, “What was your favorite room at the Fiesta-val?” I said All of it.


Also, here is the new Waddle On comic called X-Treme Jet Pack Surf Cartz



January 24, 2008

Rockhopper is here!

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First, here is the Video Guide for Mission 6 – Questions for a Crab. I will post the written directions soon

Rockhopper is finally here! He has life jackets in his escape rowboat at the beach.

*Picture by Billybob

Also, if you look through the telescope, you can see the Migrator all torn up.


This is the Puzzle Shuffle from the newspaper


Here is the new fan comic


And here are the upcoming events


Also, Watex has done a nice job on creating a page on how to find Rockhopper. Click here to go to his page. Watex has also stated that when you log in to Club Penguin, type in Rockhopper for the Username, and enter  random password (over 4 digits long), and if it says Password Incorrect, that means he’s on, but if it says that he is banned, then don’t waste your time looking for him.


November 13, 2007

Portrait of Rockhopper

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Hey guys, here is a portrait of Rockhopper. He is mostly found in the plaza, beach, and other places.


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