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February 6, 2008

Save the Migrator Project

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Here is a sign Billybob posted. I just posted it because its the latest thing Billybob posted.

*Picture by Billybob



February 2, 2008

Rockhopper & Clothing Catalog Secrets

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First, the Rowboat Pin is in the Lighthouse


Rockhopper is now on his way to Rockhopper Island on his rowboat, and that shadow you see in the water is the Migrator


CP has created a “Save the Migrator Project” to possibly construct a new boat for Rockhopper or fish it out of the sea and repair it. There might be a new mission to get the Migrator out of the water


Clothing Catalog Secrets

Click the pin on the White Admiral Jacket for the Green Snorkel


Click on the Russian Hat for the red viking helmet (Open and close the red viking helmet 5 times for the Blue Viking Helmet)



There are new player card backgrounds (2 new and 2 returning)


Here are the upcoming events


And here is the new fan comic, called “Making Coffee”


I know the words for this comic may be hard to see (I liked it better when CP overlapped the words with printed words from their computer), so here is a thumbnail to see a larger picture of it (Click to Enlarge)



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